Remarkable & memorable vacation getaway located in Lindstrom, Minnesota only 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities! Close enough to experience all the amenities you are used to and far enough away to feel like vacation.This is the perfect vacation for any group! There is no shortage of Lakes to go boating, swimming, or fishing. There are amazing small town stores and restaurants or just stay in and enjoy the cabin feel right from the back yard. Our retreat is within walking distance from the beach, park and shops.


Food & Dinning in Lindstrom MN

Food and drink

Many local restaurants inhabit this area and with no shortage of choices you may not even want to use the modern up to date kitchen in the home! Visit our amazing winery in town for a tour, glass of wine and an adventure.

Lindstrom MN Beach

Beach & Park

There is a 3-acre park located on South Lindström Lake.  It features a sand swimming beach, a "daytime only" boat dock, a fishing pier, pavilion, picnic tables, grills, sand volleyball, play structure with handicap transfer stations, and swings.  The park provides wintertime access for ice fishing.  Paved paths and parking are handicap accessible.  Portable toilets are available year round. This is within walking distance from our retreat.

Things to Do In Lindstrom Minnesota

Things to do

Explore, experience, relax and enjoy, there's something for everyone around the area! We have lots of shopping, boating and recreation. Walk to the beach from our retreat or just have a campfire in the backyard.

Lindstrom MN

Lindstrom, MN

Taking its name from Swedish settler Daniel Lindstrom, who arrived in the city in 1853, Lindstrom retains much of its Scandinavian charm in its architecture, culture and language, with the town still having close connections with its sister towns in Sweden. There are a number of novel features throughout the town, including antique stores, log houses, the Lutheran churches and, most notably, the Swedish Coffee Pot Tower.

Places to Go in Lindstrom MN

places to go

Lindstrom, MN is filled with culture as well as many unique and interesting places to go. See what is nearby and explore the area.